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All we need.

The only thing we need from you is a plug and a space within your venue where our charging station is prominently visible.

What we offer.

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Our charging stations.

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6 slot station
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Chargo powerbank charging station 24 slots
Larger venues
24 slot station
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Chargo powerbank charging station 48 slot
Big events / hubs
48 slot station
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Small venues
No-screen station
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You can upgrade a 6 slot charging station by adding an additional layer of 6 slots beneath it. This process can be repeated with multiple attachments. These upgrades are ideal for high-demand areas where the placement of a large 24 or 48 slot charging station is not feasible.

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Free charging minutes.

Customers using any of the charging stations at your venues will enjoy the first 60 minutes of their rental time free of charge every day. As our partner, you'll receive a personalised in app pop-up notification. Users must accept this notification to unlock their free charging minutes.

Personal data.

Upon acceptance of the offer by the user, you will receive the user's personal data collected by Chargo, in order to contact the user in the future regarding your offers.

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Free charging minutes pricing table
Chargo custom in app pop-up
Chargo customisable charging station
Chargo customisable powerbank

Hardware branding.

Our newest powerbank stations feature touch-screen functionality, opening opportunities for on-screen branding. They also contain a large unobstructed area on their sides, which can perfectly be used for advertising through stickers.

Powerbank branding.

We have the possibility to customize our new fast-charging powerbanks leaving us room to advertise on them using your logo and company colors.